Close more deals with a recommended route to conversion

Align your sales teams with easy to follow best sales practice.

How it works

Crafted by experts, UpMail gives you a collection of personalised, customisable branded templates with the flexibility for every sales scenario. Multiple large files are now conveniently hyperlinked from the email itself.

Generate more leads

Instantly distribute optimal content, client acquisition best practices and lead generation across multiple sales teams.

  • Engage prospects at every stage of the sales process with conversion-optimised content.
  • Send 200 targeted emails at once with automatic follow-up prompts with just one click.
  • Know who to target and when with lead prioritisation and advanced email tracking.
  • Inform your sales strategy with instant analytics formatted for both top line stats and deep dive management reporting.
Generate more leads
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Increase conversion rates

Close deals with faster by enabling sales teams to create highly personalised proposals, consistent follow-ups, upsell and cross-sell for B2B and MICE.

  • Standardise email communications with team collaboration features.
  • See at a glance the recommended route to conversion maximising the impact of every email.
  • Email tracking and automatic reminders insures every team member takes action the moment an email is opened.
  • Measure your team's success with useful metrics on top performing content, subject line and templates.
Generate more leads
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Drive more revenue from existing clients

Engage and nurture clients with cutting edge digital content easily distributed for consistent email communication across teams.

  • Cultivate long-lasting profitable relationships by sharing valuable content.
  • Understand what your next move should be with insightful tracking and prompts to follow-up.
  • Inform your client nurturing strategy with instant analytics on top performing content.
Generate more leads
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