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Customisable branded Templates

Improve the quality of one-to-one sales communication with our collection of personalised templates.

Content Recommendation Engine

Our recommendation engine suggests the best format for each message created by your sales teams. Fully personalised proposals or prospecting messages, help increase conversion rates!

Use content to convert

Use the best marketing content within your sales communications. Make sure each message is consistently representing your brand, with top quality images, videos or pdf files.

Send group emails

Send 200 targeted emails at once with just one click.

Advanced Email Tracking

Ensure every team member takes action the moment an email is opened with insightful email tracking and prompts to follow-up.

Top Sales Insights

UpMail’s Reporting Dashboard allows you to measure the exact conversion rate of each of your salespeople, providing accurate information on which strategy works and what brings the most sales.

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Prospecting the SMART way

You don’t have to be lucky to be good at prospecting. But you do have to start leveraging sales acceleration technology if you want to boost conversions.