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Who is UpMail for?

If you work in hospitality sales or marketing, UpMail’s for you. And if you work in IT, we think you’ll love it too. Learn more about the benefits of UpMail for roles across your organisation…


Sales Manager

UpMail couldn’t be easier to use. Designed to optimise the sales funnel, it takes the hours out of effective email communication – and the guesswork out of prospecting, with insightful email tracking and lead prioritisation. It supercharges your productivity, as well as the efficacy of your emails.


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Director of Sales

UpMail increases conversion rates and improves sales performance. With standardised brand communication, instant distribution of ‘top content’ across your team and at-a-glance ROI metrics, it gives you an unparalleled picture of effective email sales practice for a more informed sales strategy.


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Marketing Director

UpMail brings consistency and coherence to your brand by standardising sales communications without stifling creativity – or personalisation. With cutting edge digital content tailored to your brand, you’ll achieve sales and marketing alignment so that selling ‘on-brand’ becomes second nature.


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UpMail is simplicity itself when it comes to integration with existing systems. Because when we say “plug-in”, that’s exactly what we mean. With the difference it makes to sales performance, we’d say installing UpMail is worth the effort, but that would be misleading. Compatible with any web browser and seamlessly interfacing with your mailbox and CRM, it’s effortless to set up and use.


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