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We deliver digital eloquence

Email. It’s the mass communication tool that still eclipses social, mobile, content marketing and display advertising in measurable ROI. It’s the default tool for sales prospecting and proposals. So why is it so rarely used to its full potential?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with email. The problem isn’t the means; it’s the message. That’s why our focus isn’t email itself, because email simply delivers a message. Our focus is how we can use technology to make that message more persuasive.

We’re not reinventing the wheel (in this case, email). We just want to make the wheel go further, faster.

And so, we created UpMail. A digital tool that empowers hospitality salespeople to communicate more persuasively. We call it digital eloquence. You can call it improved sales performance. Because with UpMail, you’ll not only save time by streamlining the prospecting and proposal process, you’ll also synergise sales and marketing by improving email efficacy, while staying beautifully on-brand.

Digital eloquence happens when you believe in three things…

We believe there’s beauty in simplicity – and that technology should exist to make life easier, instead of ever more complicated.


We believe in making things happen fast. We may be small but we’re quick on our feet and pleasingly flexible, always ready to adapt to the individual needs of the businesses we work with.

Everyday innovation

We believe in the power of ‘incremental innovation’ – those often overlooked yet hugely significant opportunities to enhance the everyday. Expanding the potential of something that already exists by using it differently, or transforming the user experience, often provides the platform for change on a grander scale.

Meet us

We’re small but smart, with expertise in sales, digital marketing, CRM and proprietary software development for the hospitality industry. We are a global team with offices in London and Paris.

Antoine Asselin

Founder and CEO


Steve Holmes



Jakub Czerwinski

Head of Sales


Alaa Bouayed

Head of Customer Success

Esme Verity

Marketing Executive


Sergei L



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