Digitalizing your sales process whilst enriching your customer buying experience

Centralized Library of email templates, digital content and documents
  • Branded Email Templates
  • Documents (Brochures, presentations, etc.)
  • Links (Videos, 3D tours, Image gallery, etc.)
  • Copy (Hotel description, etc.)
  • Contracts
Media-rich branded proposals

Our proposals are highly flexible and easy to customize.

Leverage your digital content, deliver your sales story and drive consistency throughout your team.


Remain on top of the sale with our integrated e-signature feature – one of the simplest and most efficient on the market. A deal is not closed until its signed!

Send group emails

Send emails up to 200 targeted recipients at once with just one click.

Content Recommendation Engine

Use the best content within your sales communications. Make sure each message is consistently representing your brand, with top quality images, 360 tours, documents, videos or pdf files.

Our recommendation engine suggests content optimized and relevant for each email.

Fully personalized proposals or prospecting messages, help increase conversion rates!

Documents and Webpages Workflow Management

Digitalize your workflow and upload your templated contracts and documents. Create landing pages on the fly.

Edit within your browser without needing to upload a new document.

Top Sales Insights

UpMail’s Reporting Dashboard allows you to measure the exact conversion rate of each of your salespeople, providing accurate information on which strategy works and what brings the most sales.

Advanced Email Tracking

Ensure every team member takes action the moment an email is opened with insightful email tracking and prompts to follow-up.

Multi-property features


Centrally manage multiple property accounts


Deploy template and content across multiple property accounts


Central reporting for multiple UpMail accounts

Seamless integration