Enhance Your Hotel Sales & Catering Workflow with the UpMail+ Delphi Integration


The Preferred Hotel Proposal Solution of Amadeus

Maximize Efficiency & Productivity

Seamless Workflow Integration
Enjoy the seamless connection between UpMail and Delphi Sales & Catering system, for unified booking & proposal management.

Effortless Proposal Sending
Send UpMail proposals directly from Delphi bookings with a simple click, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Automated Data Import
Eliminate data entry errors and manual data entry with automatic import of guest room and event details, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Activity Tracking
Automatically log activities in your Delphi account when sending proposals via UpMail, to keep track of client communications.

    Highly Flexible for Optimal Customization

    Customizable Content & Branding
    Tailor templates to align with your branding and messaging preferences, enabling personalized communication that meets your clients’ needs.

    Unlimited Templates
    Tailor templates to align perfectly with your hotel’s brand and messaging across all sales scenarios—from prospecting and proposals to contracts and every step in between.

    Multilingual Capabilities
    Overcome language barriers with UpMail’s ability to create templates in multiple languages, ensuring consistent and impactful messaging globally.

    Flexible Configuration Options
    Whether you operate a single property, a regional or cluster sales team, or multi-property hotel group, UpMail offers custom configuration options to adapt seamlessly to your unique operational needs.


    Supporting Hotel Sales Teams Around the Globe to Drive Sales Efficiencies and Close More Deals

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