Frequently Asked Questions

What is UpMail?

A cloud-based sales enablement platform that plugs directly into your email, providing your teams with structured sales communications to drive sales consistency and sales efficiency when responding to, or reaching out to your customers.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing a sales team the resources needed to close more deals. These resources may include tools, content, knowledge, and information to enable the sale of your product or service to your customers.

Who is UpMail for?

Any businesses with a sales team engaged in one-to-one selling. No matter the size of your sales team, UpMail can be configured to optimize the flow and structure of sales communications.

What does UpMail do?

Provides a platform for teams to access approved communications that are on-brand, on message and specific to the business objective, be that prospecting for new business, nurturing customer relationships or closing deals.

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How does it work?

UpMail integrates directly into either your Outlook, Gmail or CRM accessed through a simple plug-in.  Emails are sent and received directly from your email account.  Each branded template allows the sharing of digital content; Think videos, GIFs, pictures, PDF’s, weblinks, electronic signature and payment gateways

Is UpMail a CRM?

No. UpMail is a perfect complement to your CRM. UpMail is an extension to your email allowing teams to easily access relevant customer-centric communications that enable workflow efficiencies.  You can find more information on our integration with Salesforce

Can UpMail plug into my CRM?

Yes, we currently have an integration with Salesforce and we’re planning the integration with other CRM systems. Please get in touch to find out more about the integration options.

Can I send emails to more than one person at a time?

Yes. UpMail allows you to automate the dispatch of personalised emails up to 200 recipients a day.

What kind of media rich content can I include in my email?

You can share any type of digital content in your UpMail template. Text and images display directly within the body of the email, while any other file format (videos, PDF, web links, etc.) are shared in the emails via links (cloud-based technology). This allows users to share multiple large documents in the same email with no problems!

All the images are also automatically resized and optimised for email.

Can I track my customer engagement?

Yes.  Every email that is sent is tracked allowing you to see when your customer opens it, and what they look at within your email, including any e-signature or payment requests.




Do we need to work with our IT team to set-up UpMail?

UpMail is a cloud-based technology and doesn’t require the involvement of your IT team. For some specific integrations requirement and depending on your organisation IT infrastructure it may require to adjust some basic parameters

How are the emails sent?

UpMail connects with your Outlook/Office 365 or Google Mail email servers via a secure connection (oAuth) to dispatch the email. The emails are sent from you to your recipient, and you’ll see all emails sent in your “Sent Items” folder.


You can also connect to your email server via an SMTP connection. Please contact us to get more information on this (

How secure is UpMail?

UpMail follows the industry best practices in terms of security standards and data protection.

Read more on our Security Standard:

Read more on our GDPR compliance:

How do you setup an account?

To set up an account, we need to understand how you want to use UpMail to make sure we’ll configure your account and base templates with the proper parameters.

Once we have this information, we can provide you with an onboarding program that includes the right level of training.

Will my emails be blocked or seen as SPAM?

UpMail is not a 3rd party email platform such as Mailchimp, you are sending emails from your own email account. Providing your emails do not already end up being blocked or moved to SPAM then they wont with UpMail.

Will the images be blocked when sending to clients?

We cannot legislate how a recipient’s email account has been set-up, but UpMail is used globally, by international brands where images and digital content are at the core of their communications.

Outlook plugin requirements

UpMail Outlook Add-in allows UpMail users to access their UpMail account directly from their Outlook interface.

The minimum requirement to install our add-in requires .NET Framework 3.5. Once installed, the plugin is simply opening a web browser and directing the users to their UpMail account.

UpMail Outlook Add-ins allowing UpMail users to access their UpMail account directly from their Outlook interface.

It’s possible to test the installation: download the plugin.

How do UpMail connect with the user's email server

Independently to the Outlook/Gmail plugin, UpMail users need to connect to your Office 365/Gmail email server to dispatch the emails via an OAuth authentication.

UpMail users can connect to your Office 365/Gmail email server using an oAuth protocol which doesn’t require sharing any credentials and it’s using access tokens that can be revoked by the users at any time.

This access only authorises UpMail to read the user profile and dispatch emails on their behalf.

Users can ask to remove email data from UpMail at any time without removing such data from your email client.

See how it’s done with Outlook.
See how it’s done with Gmail.



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How long does it take to set-up and onboard?

Physical set-up can take less than 24hrs and onboarding for the entire team can be complete within 3 days.

What training is provided?

All users and UpMail Champions receive online training via our training portal through a series of training videos and online support.

How many templates do we get and who creates them?

Your UpMail account comes with a number of base templates for specific requirements and you can create as many templates as you need.

Is there a reporting dashboard?

Yes. UpMail has a comprehensive dashboard that details both team and individual activity, summarises the effectiveness of each communication, and types templates and content.



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How much does UpMail cost?

We’re working with our clients on a bespoke basis, taking into consideration their objectives, team structure, IT infrastructure, and budget, to tailor a solution with the appropriate onboarding program, training, and reporting.

Can I have access to a free trial?

Once we know how you want to use UpMail within your sales team we can set-up a pilot over a fixed period to help you evaluate the value UpMail brings.