How Best Western leveraged Technology to Increase Conversion Rates ✔

Located by the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport in the north of Paris, the Best Western CDG hotel is popular with both business and leisure travellers. In fact, the hotel receives so many requests, it was putting a strain on their sales team.

LFPI Hotel Management, based in Paris

Hotel Franchise

Number of hotels
100+ properties, 4* and 5*


Company Size
51-200 employees


When it came to handling proposals, Best Western CDG sales team needed some help. Their proposal process includes sending product information post-call as well as a more formal proposal with pricing details. What they required were professional looking communication tools that were also both efficient and effective.

The hotel wished to achieve three specific goals:

  1. Improve the quality of their communications
  2. Easily distribute optimal content across sales teams
  3. Boost productivity and conversion rates

Best Western new their current sales communication system (which ran on Outlook) wasn’t cutting it. It required too much time and effort to be effective. It also lacked high-quality proposals. And as far as being able to measure sales efforts accurately? Not so much.

So, Best Western CDG decided to shake things up. They turned to UpMail for help. They’ve never looked back.


The goal of Best Western Charles de Gaulle was to make the hotel’s process for replying to enquiries simpler and more fluid. This was achieved with ready to use templates and the right content easily available in the UpMail media library. Composing proposals became quick and painless. Response times shortened dramatically.

Another competitive edge was gained from the increased quality of the hotel’s replies. Striking visual elements were now displayed directly in the email’s body (goodbye attachments). They became easy to read, looked professionally branded and could be personalized according to prospect’s unique requests.

Improving the sales process also involved how the team followed-up on opportunities. With its default reminders, UpMail automatically alerts users when it’s time to follow-up. Think of it as an alarm clock for sales – a gentle reminder to not let an opportunity slip you by. The sales team can now automatically send a standard follow-up email directly from the alert message or choose to send a more detailed template with additional information. Following-up has never been easier.

Lastly, Best Western CDG has a new best friend in data. With UpMail, data is now accessible and easy to understand. And it’s making the team more productive. Why? Because they’re making better decisions. They now know who opens and clicks their email, and what content they viewed. They can even compare which templates are performing best and discover ways to improve on them further. That’s all priceless information the sales team didn’t have before.


Better proposal quality, personalized content, and shortened response time. Together these three elements led to a significant increase in the team’s conversion rate.

By integrating digital content best practices and upping their branding game, the Best Western CDG salespeople became empowered. They now had a tactical way to differentiate themselves from the competition and ultimately, sell more.
Finally, since using UpMail, the sales team has boosted productivity. They now have more time to focus on following-up on every opportunity, and closing more deals.

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