It’s all about Content – Don’t be afraid to use it.


Nov 12, 2015 | 3 min read

Content converts lookers to buyers. Here’s why you should stop being afraid of it and start using it now.

It’s perhaps the most powerful tool in your sales quiver, yet is your sales team afraid to use content in their email communication? If your team is content to not use content to its full potential, that needs to change. Like right now.

Let’s explore how this crucial demand driver will get your sales team emailing smarter, and closing faster, helping them reach their optimal performance.

There are three issues that we realised are, unfortunately, too common to sales teams in the hospitality industry:

    –>They have difficulty taking advantage of the branding and digital content (images, videos, etc.) available to them in sales emails
    –>They’re restricted to what they can send because of file size limitations
    –>Too much time is spent composing repetitive emails

These are the problems that we developed UpMail to solve. UpMail helps salespeople leverage the content made available to them by their marketing team and enables sales teams to be more efficient, and have more impact, when communicating by email. The end result: increased productivity, faster selling and more revenue.

Here’s how we do it.

Send quality, branded emails with content that gets noticed and sells

Sales teams have issues creating quality, branded, content-filled emails with the tools they have at their disposal. Simply put, Outlook or Gmail are just not made for this kind of emailing. If sales people try to become their own creative directors, the marketing department usually shuts that down pretty fast.

Here’s a fact for you to envisage: 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text*. Bottom line: we’re visual creatures and visual content gets noticed. There’s no way around it, and buyers of hospitality services respond no differently to these same human laws. It’s in their nature, it’s in all our nature.

A strong brand means strong sales

A recent Cornell University study showed that a strong brand can impact the value of a hotel and its chain by up to three times. Smart, savvy and successful hotels know this. They apply a considered and consistent brand look and feel throughout all their communication touch points, including sales emails.

The technology for you to do the same for your hotel chain is at your disposal right now. So start using it and don’t miss another opportunity to use the power and impact of branding and content to drive performance and accelerate sales.

Lighten your emails not content

Salespeople often go too light on email content because they fear the file size will be too heavy and skip the receiver’s inbox to head directly to where emails go to die, in the SPAM folder. They’re right to be scared. If you are using Outlook or Gmail and trying to attach two brochures, three menus and ten pictures, chances are your email will be too weighty.

One might think that a solution is to simply share the link to the hotel website. But you are sending a proposal for a high value deal, and you leave out the very things that set you apart – your amazing facilities and your brand – and the only content you share is a link to your website? Don’t be fooled, buyers receive dozens of emails every day. The less effort they have to expend to get the information they need, the better the chances are they will buy. So help them by making your best content easily accessible when sending a proposal and close in time to get your christmas bonus!

With UpMail, your content is not “inside” the email but hosted in the cloud, solving your heavy email problem. In other words: a light email full of content.

Less time composing, more time closing

With UpMail, we drive sales team productivity to the highest level with our powerful recommendation engine designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It suggests the best content to use, according to the person you are writing to, at every stage of your sales process. It’s like a personal sales Sherpa, guiding you in making effective decisions at just the right time. The result for you is less hours expended and a faster sales cycle, meaning big savings and more revenue.

We usually provoke the “wow effect” when people realize the time they can save composing emails, but some still express reservations. Their fear is that salespeople become machines who just click on recommended content without even thinking of their actions.

Let’s be clear. The aim of content recommendation is to help sales teams spend less time composing the generic part of emails. And let’s be honest, if you write ten totally different emails from scratch to send proposals for the same package, or spend five minutes of your time thinking about the best way to introduce your company one prospect at a time, something’s not right. Obviously adding your personal touch is essential, and of course you will always be able to do so, but three quarters of the content in your email can be standardized. So why waste time and energy on this when you can be negotiating and closing more deals instead?

Go have a look at UpMail to get more insight on how to increase your conversion rates and sales productivity, easily, and in no time at all.

See you next month,


* Source 3M Corporation and Zabisco

Based in London, UK, UpMail is an email tool for hotel sales people to increase one-to-one email communications productivity and sales conversion rates. UpMail customers includes Jurys Inn, Iberostar, citizenM, and many more.

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