Customer Story: Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel, London UK


Mar 02, 2016 |3min read


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Sarah Snowball, Diary Manager for The Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel and One Whitehall Place, talks about her experience using UpMail.

We recently caught up with Sarah Snowball, the Diary Manager at the Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel and One Whitehall Place to find out how she and her team are finding their experience with UpMail so far.

The Royal Horseguards Hotel and One Whitehall Place is an iconic 5-star hotel and venue offering a choice of 282 luxurious guest bedrooms and 13 function rooms, some with magnificent views over the River Thames, Whitehall Gardens and London Eye.


1. How has your experience using UpMail been so far?

We’re getting on really well with UpMail. Originally we just used the tool for proposals, but now we’re also using the email templates and we’re finding them really useful.

2. How often do you use UpMail?

We use UpMail everyday!

3. What did you use for your sales communication before you implemented UpMail?

Before we had UpMail, our team used to cut-and-copy from previous emails. Building emails manually this way definitely wasn’t very efficient.

Having to spend time finding the right attachments was a real pain, plus sending emails with loads of attachments wasn’t great for our customers either. This was nowhere near as quick or impactful as using UpMail email templates.

4. Why is UpMail important to you and your team?

Having a tool that is simple to use that gives immediate access to the best possible content for all of our conference rooms makes our lives a lot easier, especially when some days I can get up to eight enquiries per day.

It also means that the customer receives the best possible content, so that they have all of the information that they need, and that has been personalised to their individual needs.


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