Customer Story: Jurys Inn


May 29, 2018 | 2 min read

Here is our new customer success story about how hospitality sales teams around the world are using UpMail to increase their efficiency and accelerate sales.

Grace Samuels, Sales Coordinator for Jurys Inn Manchester, talks about her experience using UpMail.

The Jurys Inn Manchester is one of 90 Jurys Inn hotels UpMail works with. It is perfectly situated in the heart of the city, around the corner from Manchester Central Convention Centre, perfect for both business and pleasure guests.

Grace, can you tell me more about yourself?

I’m the sales coordinator at Jurys Inn Manchester. I have now been working at the hotel for a year. At University I studied Tourism Hospitality Business Management so I have always had an interest and been passionate about the industry.

How long have you been using UpMail and how often do you us it?

I have been using UpMail for seven months now; I use it daily and it’s become part of my morning routine.

What do you use UpMail for?

It’s a fantastic pro-active sales tool, I use it for the following reasons:

  • Sending rate proposals to potential clients
  • Email capture (this is a daily report and I use this daily on Upmail)
  • Business booker confirmation
  • Sending general hotel information to potential clients
  • If we have any events taking place at the hotel, I will send out a group eblast out to all our local accounts/ partners and networking agents.
  • Sending out christmas brochures to local companies/past bookers.
  • Creating new templates
  • Following-up on those people who have opened my email more than twice.

What did you use for your sales communication before you implemented UpMail?

I had created templates on Outlook and then saved them as a quick part. The process was a lot slower than with UpMail. There was also no engagement tab so you couldn’t monitor when and how often people have opened it.

It wasn’t as easy to get a pot of warm leads and it was hard to be pro-active and creative.

What is your favourite thing about Upmail?

My favourite thing about UpMail is the engagement tab, you can actually see when people have opened/clicked on your email. This way you know who is interested in your email or not. If someone has opened it numerous times then you know they are interested. It’s a great way of building a healthy pot of warm and potential leads. I also love the fact you can very easily create new templates to adapt your needs.

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Based in London, UK, UpMail is an email tool for hotel sales people to increase one-to-one email communications productivity and sales conversion rates. UpMail customers includes Jurys Inn, Iberostar, citizenM, and many more.

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