Complex challenges. Simple, yet effective solutions.

Dublin, Ireland

Hotel chain and
hotel operator

Number of hotels

Ireland, UK and
Czech Republic

Company Size
1,001-5,000 employees


Jurys Inn is one of the largest hotel groups in the UK. They’re a multi-brand organization with over 80 venues in different regions, each serving a unique client base. And with size, comes challenges.

The company collaborated with UpMail to help enhance the hotel chain’s competitive advantage in the domestic market.

To achieve this, there were essential goals Jurys Inn had in mind. They included:

  • Improving communication flows
  • Identifying key sales metrics to report in order to increase conversion rates
  • Maximizing productivity.


UpMail helped create a bespoke suite of content for each of Jurys Inn’s brands. Easy access to high-quality content, such as pictures, videos, and 360 degree views, instantly streamlined sales communications. It also ensured consistent and powerful brand messaging at every touch point.

UpMail also successfully set up a series of sales communication tools aimed at generating new revenue. These included highly customizable templates for prospecting, offers, proposals, and promotions for warm leads. Salespeople in each hotel venue could personalize the templates allowing them to target client’s needs more accurately.

The successful, and easy, adoption of these solutions across Jurys Inn was enhanced with personalized training from Upmail and outstanding engagement by the Jurys Inn sales management team.


In 2016, the Jurys Inn sales team sent more than 35,000 emails. They also created more than 200 templates to support their highly personalised communications.

Those are impressive numbers indeed. But more importantly, by using UpMail, Jurys Inn improved the quality and impact of their business communications.

Sales team members are more engaged and empowered now that they have access to robust marketing material and content. Marketing teams are equipped with a simpler, and more productive channel to provide their sales counterparts with the most relevant content.

Reporting features also allow sales teams to prioritize workloads and optimize sales funnels at every stage, from cold prospecting to closing deals. Email tracking and customisable mailing lists have become an essential part of their toolkit.

And the real proof of success that Jurys Inn made the right move by partnering with UpMail? Simple. Sales teams are converting more clients and increasing revenue streams. Now that’s something you can’t argue with.

“Feel like you have more time on your hands”.


Gemma Smith,

Area Sales Manager, Jurys Inn

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