How to make more sales by weaving the power of your hotel’s brand into every email


Jul 14, 2015 | 3 min read

The hospitality industry is one of the largest spenders on brand all the way through from advertising to the signage through to the design of the room. And little wonder as a key study from Cornell University showed that a strong brand can impact the value of a hotel and its chain by up to three times. So the incentive to protect that brand is significant but do we see this happening at every customer interaction? Well…..

I worked in both the hospitality and CRM industries for over 10 years and in that time I was amazed that at a key point of delivery there was almost no brand oversight. As a person charged with selling conferences and other big ticket sales transactions it’s incredible to see time and again uncompelling, poorly formatted and off-brand emails and proposals that would be sent on behalf of the hotel looking to impress very important potential clients.

On the other hand when people would take time to create an impressive email the time to do so was so long that likely the client was receiving time-sensitive communications such as proposals from a competitive hotel first so the effort was too for nought. Effectively at the very point when the hotel should be impressing the client most, they were doing so the least by sending poor quality communications or delivering too late.

So I analysed what I believed the ideal email communication platform for hospitality would look like. I believe it would:

  • • allow beautiful emails to be created very quickly
  • • fit seamlessly in with existing email tools
  • • allow hotel to weave in upsell messages
  • • add recommended content and copy to a personalised message
  • • give the sales team the reporting it needs
  • • allow a process to be followed each and every time
  • blow the socks off the recipient and increase dramatically your conversion rates!

UpMail is use across hotel chains like Guoman, citizenM, Iberostar, The Hotel Collection and Alliance Hospitality, it is providing the type of productivity and conversion gains that I hoped to see as well allowing the hotels to maintain the type of brand consistency and reinforce the brand value that is essential to success.


Based in London, UK, UpMail is an email tool for hotel sales people to increase one-to-one email communications productivity and sales conversion rates. UpMail customers includes Jurys Inn, Iberostar, citizenM, and many more.

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