How your marketing team should be supporting your sales communications


Sep 3, 2014 | 2 min read

Sometimes marketing and sales teams can fall into a vicious and unproductive cycle. Marketing will get frustrated with sales for sending off-brand communications, using bad imagery and the wrong tone of voice and for demanding collateral without first deciding how they will use it. Sales teams want marketing to provide them with a wide variety of tools to be able to select from depending on their prospect or clients needs.

Sales and marketing need to come together to streamline their efforts – sales giving marketing a proper brief and explanation of what their role entails, what competitors are doing and what their prospects require. Marketing then need to create a flexible and creative set of relevant tools and content for sales to use as and when they need.

Content for each step of the sales funnel

An unclear or off-brand follow up will kill a deal. By creating and uploading a selection of on brand templates and content, marketing can keep control of the brand, while sales still have the versatility to choose appropriate content for each of their customers.

A example of pre-created content for a hotel that can be personalised for different scenarios or stages of the sales funnel for each individual client might be:

– Proposals for different styles of meeting or event

– Industry news and articles relevant to your target market to stay on their radar

– A promotional video to excite a customer before a show around

– A regular blog about your hotel or region

– Christmas menus, party information or package details that can be tailored to each individual enquiry

Technologies available

The sales and marketing team need to work together to select the right technologies that offer the ability to streamline their efforts to create efficiency, effectiveness and results.

UpMail provides a platform with which:

– The marketing team can pre-load branded templates and content that can be inserted and imbedded

– The sales team have the autonomy to quickly create personalised one-to-one emails within Outlook (not mass sales emails)

– Templates and content are easily searchable and self-learning algorithms suggest optimal content

– Reporting and tracking so both teams can see how content is being received and how it can be improved

– Creative content is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile

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