MICE proposals that convert faster!


Mar 19th, 2021 | 2 min read

Few documents are more important than your MICE proposals but far too frequently, hotels lead their prospects down a confusing path – providing an abundance of irrelevant information that their prospects just don’t care about. The savviest hotels simplify and personalise the path to proposal acceptance – but what does this route look like?

Empowered customers are happy customers. Your proposal should be everything your customer needs to make a quick, easy decision. Simplicity is the key to this. Your customers want to absorb content based on their enquiry, so resist the temptation to dive right in with irrelevant – albeit nice to know – information on how marvellous you are. A whopping 74% of customers will choose a competitor if your sales process becomes too complex.

Tip! Have you given your prospect the ability to make a decision there and then? Is there a contract for them to sign electronically and could they pay for it online in the same communication!?

Transparency is the next step in customer empowerment. We’re talking room costs clearly stated and easy-to-understand, straight-to-the-point language. Almost 73% of customers are willing to pay for a product or service based on transparency alone. Why? Because being direct cultivates a climate of trust, proving that you’re listening and demonstrating your integrity to offer a solution specific to your prospect.

Tip! Summarise your costs and identify any savings you’ve given your prospect.

Leverage your digital content to turn your proposal into an experience. Just a single photo can increase conversion by 225%, so it’s no surprise that 67% of customers consider clear, compelling images to carry even more weight than product information. High-resolution, optimised visuals and virtual tours, bring your hotel to life, giving you the perfect opportunity to take your prospect on a journey so that accepting your proposal doesn’t feel like such a leap of faith.

Just like the content of your proposal, you want your follow-up to be strategic. Taking advantage of email tracking and analytics makes this possible. Real-time data on open and click-through rates can inform you of your next sales move, allowing you to personalise the proposal process til the end. Knowing that your customer clicked on the virtual tour of your meeting space, rather than your spa package gives great insight into their interest levels, allowing you to tailor your communication to focus on what they want, which will ultimately boost your conversion.



So in short – Don’t waste time and effort on crafting proposals that don’t convert and slow down your sales cycle. Leveraging sales acceleration technology such as UpMail will ensure your sales teams are sharing conversion-ready content in a format that your customers just want to say yes to, and you will have your sales team saving time and closing more deals.

Based in London, UK, UpMail is an email tool for hotel sales people to increase one-to-one email communications productivity and sales conversion rates. UpMail clients include Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, MINOR Hotels, Radisson Hotel Group, Virgin Limited Edition, Iberostar, CitizenM, and many more.To learn more or book a demo let us know your availability.


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