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London, United Kingdom

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Company Size
51-200 employees


About The Brewery

Located in London, The Brewery is one of the UK’s premier unique event venues. It hosts a variety of events, including government conferences, corporate product launches, star-studded charity events, and prestigious award ceremonies. With six rooms available, The Brewery accommodates 30 to 1600 guests, blending 18th-century architecture with cutting-edge technology to set the industry standard.

The Challenge

The event sales team was previously using an eProposal tool that lacked the flexibility required to tailor their quotes and offers in a way that truly represented The Brewery’s unique identity. This limitation hindered their ability to provide a customized experience for their clients. 

 The Solution

After careful consideration and team consultation, The Brewery selected UpMail to enhance their ability to deliver a cohesive and memorable experience that aligns with their distinctive brand. The primary factors were:

  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Branding and personalization capabilities
  • Workflow efficiencies 
  • Integration with Amadeus Delphi
  • Quality of communications

The Result

Since the implementation of UpMail in October 2023 their group and event enquiry handling process has been significantly optimised, in particular, their delivery of sales proposals. Over this period, 40 templates have been created including a dedicated proposal template for each of their unique event spaces.

Additionally, the team have even developed templates for event and trade show follow-ups, event-specific proposals, and various versions of their wedding proposal tailored to frequent client requests.

What sets The Brewery apart is their innovative approach to proposals: instead of relying on traditional venue photographs, they captivate recipients by infusing unique brand elements into every email. Each image incorporates a distinct brand element accompanied by a clear call-to-action. This strategy allows their team to include all the important details without cluttering the email, ensuring a clean and engaging presentation.

The team can access their UpMail templates directly from the Amadeus Delphi interface, leveraging the seamless integration between the two systems. This eliminates manual tasks and enables them to include a customized quote within each proposal, which is automatically populated with data fields and tables from the Delphi booking. This not only saves the team time but also ensures accuracy in every response.

With strong adoption by 10 team members actively using the tool daily, Tatiana Deodato, Marketing Manager of The Brewery, says:

“UpMail has enhanced our efficiency and productivity, allowing the team more time to track engagement, follow up on emails, and close more deals. We have felt supported by the UpMail team from the very beginning. From our initial contact through the onboarding process, they have been consistently helpful and always available to address our questions or accommodate changes to our account.”

The Brewery’s partnership with UpMail has taken their proposal process to a whole new level, setting a refreshing standard in the event industry. With UpMail’s enhanced branding, personalization, and integration features, The Brewery has made client interactions smoother, sharper, and much more engaging and their team is now delivering exceptional, custom experiences that truly reflect their unique vibe and solidify their spot as one of the UK’s top event venues.

As ideas and concepts continue to evolve at The Brewery, the team can be confident that their proposals will always have the creativity needed to bring their vision to life and close the deal!



“Our goal was to find an eProposal solution that would effectively showcase our unique branding, ensuring a cohesive and seamless customer journey from the start, while also providing comprehensive and relevant information to our clients. By accessing our templates directly from Delphi and eliminating manual tasks, UpMail has enhanced our efficiency and productivity, allowing the team more time to track engagement, follow up on emails and close more deals”

Tatiana Deodato

Marketing Manager, The Brewery

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