upmail + delphi integration:
streamline workflows, save time

January 8, 2023 


Amadeus’ Sales & Catering Delphi solutions help hospitality teams of all sizes and service levels to increase group business by efficiently selling, organizing, and managing events. UpMail empowers hotel sales teams to elevate the customer buying experience and maximize group, meeting and sales efforts through our simple, yet effective one-to-one email proposal tool. 

Bringing these products together creates a powerful integration that not only improves efficiency and streamlines workflows, but saves hospitality professionals valuable time and resources.

Let’s explore the key functionalities of the UpMail + Delphi integration and how it benefits hotel sales teams. 

Integrated User-Interface

Once logged into Delphi, you can connect to UpMail with the click of a button. From a booking, simply select ‘Send Proposal’ and you will instantly be taken to the template selection page of UpMail. From here, you can select the email template you want to use to respond to the booking and away you go!

The email sent from UpMail will come from your actual email address which increases deliverability, enhances personalization and will help you keep track of sent emails.

Delphi UpMail Integration

Merge Fields

No need to manually enter the details of a booking into a proposal. No more copying and pasting from one document to another. Set merge fields within an UpMail proposal template and when you select the template to edit, the fields will automatically populate with the booking details. This includes contact information, arrival/departure dates, booking/company name, number of attendees and guestrooms and more.

View the full list of Delphi merge fields here.

merge fields

Meetings & Events Tables

UpMail offers preset Meetings & Events tables to add within your templates. These tables will also automatically populate with the booking details. With preset tables for Events, Guestrooms, and Summary, save time by quickly adding standardized tables with all the pertinent information without having to mess around with table formatting and configurations. 

Learn more about UpMail’s Meeting & Events Module here.

Guestroom and events table


Contact Activities

Once you’ve created and sent off a proposal in UpMail, an activity will automatically be created under the contact within your Delphi account. This ensures you keep track of all correspondence and activities sent from UpMail.

The strategic partnership between Amadeus and UpMail enables customers seeking an integrated proposal customization to benefit from enhanced capabilities allowing them to quickly reply to inquiries or RFPs with creative group proposals. Through the use of the integration, hotel sales teams can more effectively and efficiently manage client relationships, coordinate events, and grow new business with personalized, impactful proposals.

Read the full ‘Amadeus Partners with UpMail Solutions to Expand Hospitality Technology Ecosystem’ press release.


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