What you need to know about Sales Acceleration
in the Hotel industry

Aug 30, 2017 | 3 min read

European sales teams are now spending on average £4,228 per sales rep on sales acceleration technology. Why is this?

Investing in sales acceleration technology has a direct result on revenue, productivity and a higher close rate.

If you don’t believe us, ask InsideSales.com Chief Marketing Officer Mick Hollison:

“The sales acceleration technology category encompasses a large collection of innovative technologies that do not fit neatly under the umbrella of marketing automation or CRM. By definition, this emerging category is devoted to accelerating sales — enabling companies to turn their leads, prospects, and opportunities into paying customers faster than ever before.” –

So what exactly is Sales Acceleration?

Put simply sales acceleration technology is all about making the whole sales process easier. Doing more with less. You can call it productivity. We call it sales acceleration.

Blog: What you need to know about sales acceleration

While CRM systems help store contacts and sales communications, sales acceleration technologies complement by empowering salespeople to connect with prospects quicker, driving conversions and speeding up the sales process.

Sales acceleration is about:

  • Improving conversion rates
  • Reducing sales cycle times
  • Increasing quota attainment ratios
  • Expanding the number, and quality, of sales opportunities

If we allow our salespeople to do the things they do best, it only makes sense that their sales performance would increase.

It’s time to take full advantage of a growing technology and expose sales teams to tools that maximise their productivity.

Easy to Implement

You may imagine that sales acceleration technology requires the support of a hefty IT department.

In fact, most of these technologies are now simple plugins or web-based applications. This time, IT Department will not be needing your help with this one.

Harness the power of email

In the world of sales acceleration technology, emails are “the low hanging fruit”. If companies can just utilise the rights tools, emails can provide the most immediate return on investment.

However, email is rarely used to its full potential. Despite it being the most widely used communication tool, most salespeople are not using to it maximise their sales efforts.

Blog: What you need to know about sales acceleration

Here at UpMail we believe there is a more powerful way to harness the power of email. Our mission is to help salespeople utilise technology to enable them to communicate in a more persuasive manner.

And other people realise this too. 16% of a company’s budget for sales acceleration technologies is directly related to emails.

Email smarter

Sales acceleration technologies make salespeople more effective by supercharging productivity and efficacy of emails.

It can streamline the prospecting and proposal processes by giving salespeople the power to produce highly personalised emails with efficiency and speed.

Share only the best content at each stage of the sales funnel with a data driven, content recommendation engine.

Take the hours out of effective email communication with insightful email tracking and lead prioritisation. Arm sales teams with highly valuable, actionable information to prioritise their sales efforts, removing the guesswork out of prospecting.

With at-a-glance ROI metrics, sales acceleration can optimise communication to inform your sales strategy.

But what’s this got to do with the hospitality industry?

Using sales acceleration technologies means that you can standardise your sales communication with highly personalised content tailored to your brand. Finally, you can align sales and marketing and bring consistency to your brand.

Getting these two departments to work together is essential. Companies that successfully align marketing and sales enjoy 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rate.

Differentiating your brand through email with the best in digital content across multiple teams and departments increase revenue by 13%.

The need for differentiation has never been greater, with the emergence of a new generation of competitors (think Airbnb), many hotels are now focusing their sights on reaching the lucrative, yet highly competitive B2B (Meetings and Events, and Corporate) sectors.

Join us

Two-thirds of all salespeople miss their quotas. UpMail can help combat this with smart technology that simplifies sales communication with branded conversion-optimised email templates. Insightful email tracking and lead prioritisation can accelerate sales and convert leads to customers.

Based in London, UK, UpMail is a sales acceleration platform for the hospitality industry. Customers include brands like Mercure, Hilton DoubleTree and Jurys Inn.

For daily updates and sales tips, follow UpMail on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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