Step by Step Success: Utilizing UpMail for Seamless Hotel Communication

April 4th, 2024

In the bustling world of hospitality, effective communication stands as the cornerstone of success. Nowhere is this more evident than within hotels, where every interaction shapes the guest and client satisfaction. From the initial inquiry to the final farewell, ensuring a seamless communication journey is paramount. Diving into the dynamic world of hotel communication, we’ll spotlight the invaluable role of UpMail at every stage of the client experience.

While UpMail is primarily categorized as a proposal tool, its capabilities go far beyond that single function. In fact, every time you hit send on an email, you could be utilizing UpMail’s powerful features. From prospecting to event servicing and every step in between, UpMail offers a seamless solution to elevate your hotel’s email communication workflow. This not only ensures brand consistency across all communications, but also saves valuable time by eliminating the need to craft each email from scratch.

Through our diverse array of templates and tools, we’ll explore the versatility of UpMail and how it can enhance your approach to hotel communication. Whether you’re aiming to optimize prospecting efforts, streamline contract delivery, or enhance event servicing, discover how UpMail can transform your hotel’s email communication strategy.

Delphi UpMail Integration


In sales, initiating contact with potential clients marks the crucial first step of communication. Whether it’s through personalized outreach or broader campaigns, prospecting is the gateway to forging connections with individuals whose needs and preferences resonate with your offerings.

In today’s world dominated by digital communication, email emerges as the quintessential tool for this purpose. Leveraging platforms like UpMail facilitates the delivery of tailored, one-to-one messages to a larger audience quickly and effectively. This capability is further enhanced by integrations with CRM platforms such as Salesforce. In addition, group email functionalities, ensure efficient and personalized communication strategies tailored to the unique demands of your property.

UpMail’s reporting capabilities serve as a vital asset in prospecting, offering invaluable insights into recipient engagement levels. By analyzing data on email opens, link clicks, and interaction frequency, users can easily distinguish between engaged and unengaged recipients. Armed with this knowledge, users can make data-driven decisions when prioritizing follow-ups, ensuring that their efforts are targeted and strategic. Engaged recipients, who consistently demonstrate interest in the content, can be prioritized for personalized follow-ups aimed at nurturing relationships and driving conversions. Meanwhile, unengaged recipients may benefit from re-engagement campaigns designed to reignite their interest and encourage further interaction. 

merge fields


The ability to swiftly customize proposal templates according to the unique requirements of each Request for Proposal (RFP) is an invaluable time-saving asset. Recognizing that proposals cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality, UpMail offers a comprehensive solution. With access to a diverse library of pre-built templates and the flexibility to create new templates as needed, UpMail empowers users to craft proposals that precisely align with the client’s needs and preferences.

What sets UpMail apart is its commitment to providing personalized support through a team of customer success experts, all with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. These experts offer invaluable insights, best practices, and tailored tips to enhance the effectiveness of each proposal.

Plus, UpMail’s Sales & Catering Integrations streamline the process further by enabling hotels to seamlessly import booking data from platforms like Delphi and Opera directly into their proposals. These integrations not only save considerable time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry, but also mitigate the risk of costly errors, ensuring efficiency and accuracy throughout the proposal creation process.

Click here to learn more about the UpMail + Delphi integration. 

Guestroom and events table


While contract delivery may seem straightforward, lacking the appropriate digital tools to manage this process can quickly lead to frustration and inefficiency.

Within UpMail, users gain the ability to streamline contract delivery through customizable email templates. With just a few simple steps—entering the recipient’s email address, attaching the contract, and clicking send—contract delivery becomes effortless and standardized.

Our Sales & Catering integrations with Delphi and Opera enhance this process by enabling the insertion of merge fields directly into contracts. This means that contract details automatically update based on the specific booking being addressed, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

As an added benefit, UpMail offers an e-signature feature, allowing users to easily obtain required signatures on contracts. This feature can be tailored to suit individual needs, with options for configuring counter-signatures, adding additional signatories, setting expiration dates, and enabling email notifications. 



When it comes to finalizing the intricate details of an event with clients, it often boils down to a series of emails and approvals. With UpMail, this process is made seamless through the creation of customized event servicing emails designed to guide clients through every step of the planning journey.

Starting from the initial introduction, progressing through confirming attendance numbers, menus and rooming lists, obtaining signoff on Banquet Event Orders (BEOs), and concluding with soliciting feedback post-event. UpMail empowers you to streamline communication by crafting email templates tailored to each scenario. 


By utilizing UpMail’s intuitive platform, you can effortlessly orchestrate the exchange of information, ensuring that every interaction with your clients is clear, concise, and ultimately conducive to the successful execution of their event.


With UpMail, you gain access to our Template Inspiration Gallery, offering a selection of pre-designed templates tailored to various communication stages. Click the template, and watch your brand and content seamlessly apply. From there, unleash your creativity and tailor it to your liking.

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