The Secret to Hotel B2B Sales

See how digital marketing trends have changed the landscape of hotel b2b sales.


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In this white paper we will help you to assess your own team’s digital prowess through a check-list of good and bad practice. Then, we will deep-dive into 4 keys areas that have the biggest impact on revenue and how they can be best used by your sales team.

  • Using data to predict the best way to hone your sales process
  • Nurturing leads through personalisation of the entire customer journey.
  • Digital automation to ensure productivity of the sales team.
  • Ensuring all hotels within a group are aligned on brand approach and best practice

We will share real case studies of how hotels have implemented digital strategies and the learnings we can take away from them.

Finally, we will conclude with key takeaways that your sales team can apply today.

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About UpMail

UpMail is the only sales acceleration tool specifically designed to address the challenges faced by sales teams in the hospitality industry.

Designed by experts, UpMail gives you a collection of personalised, branded templates empowering sales teams with easy to use cutting edge digital content. Taking the hours out of effective email communication, UpMail improves sales performance, generating more leads and closing more deals. 


Mastering Hotel Sales Proposals: 10 Best Practices for Success

Mastering Hotel Sales Proposals: 10 Best Practices for Success

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