What is the Reactivation Pack?

Watch this quick overview video and get an understanding of the product. 

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We have broken this webinar down into small sections. Sections on average are less than 2 minutes!

Section 1

The Interface

In this section, we will quickly breakdown the UpMail interface.

You will learn how to navigate through the platform and how each area is used.


How to use UpMail

Learn how UpMail can be used and personlised in only a few clicks.

Topics Covered
  -Demonstrating the everyday use of UpMail


Setting up your account

The first act to do once you get your account is to verify your branding options reflect your hotel. 

Topics Covered
  -Top Banners
  -Bottom Banners
  -Social Media Sections
  -Inviting New Users


How to use the compose interface

Overview on the compose interface which is used to create emails.

Topics Covered
  -How the interface works
  -Changing content
  -Changing layout options


Managing template’s content

One of the most important sections that covers how to manage your content.

Topics Covered
  -Recommended vs My Library
  -Uploading Hero Shots
  -Adding URL
  -Uploading Documents
  -Modifying Existing Content
  -Quick Edit Section
  -How to Manage Button Recommended Content
  -Changing Layout of Sections 


Saving Templates

A quick overview of how to create new templates and an overview of save locations.

Topics Covered
  -Creating New Templates
  -Overwriting Existing Templates


Sending to groups & Using auto-fill recipient’s details

How to send to large list of groups and utilising the recipient’s details into templates.

Topics Covered
  -Creating Group Lists
  -Adding Placeholder fields to Auto-Fill Recipient’s Details


Tracking sent emails & How to follow up

How to send to large list of groups and utilising the recipient’s details into templates.

Topics Covered
  -How to Review Sent Emails
  -Breakdown of Screen
  -How to Follow-up to Multiple Recipients


Reporting Overview

Quick overview of reporting screen.

Topics Covered
  -Dashboard Overview
  -Statistics that are Accessible


Content Library Overview

A quick view of how to manage your content library.

Topics Covered
  -Where to find your content library
  -How to perform bulk actions


Pre-loaded templates & Inspiration Gallery

An overview on the templates that are included in the Reactivation Pack and how it can be leveraged for your sales team.

Topics Covered
  -A review of the pre-loaded templates
  -How to access our collection of templates in the inspiration library


What to expect next & Training resources

Now that you have learned about the platform, this will review what you can expect next before starting your new account. 

Don’t forget to learn more from our training portal!

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