Selling your hotel to your B2B and MICE customers post Covid-19

Supercharge your sales communications

Digitalise your sales process and maximise revenue opportunities when reopening your hotel

Easily reach all of your B2B & MICE contacts

Differentiate your Hotel

Elevate your customer engagement

Get Ready

Hotels are now preparing their recovery strategies.

Your success will depend on how efficiently your team will communicate your story to an unusually large number of contacts with speed, whilst maintaining relevance and empathy to create a real point of difference.

This is a unique situation and hotel sales teams need to adapt quickly.

“The initial revenue opportunities will come from the domestic and local markets, so it’s up to the hotels to take action and make a difference.”

Empower your sales team to do more with less in these unprecedented times.

Starter pack of templates to target your key segmentation

  • Local Meetings
  • F&B offerings
  • Business travel
  • Domestic MICE
  • Leisure 
  • Celebrations
  • Third-party planners
  • Spa & Recreation
  • General
Create your own templates

Create up to 10 additional templates!
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Plug directly into your email

An easy to connect plug-in to either Outlook or Gmail, or access via any web browser to start sending emails instantly.

Send personalised emails to multiple recipients in one go

Send up to 200 targeted emails at once with just one click. Do more with less while keeping your communications personalised.

Upload contact lists from any systems (via Excel or CSV files).

Differentiate your hotel with
media rich content

Use the right content to strengthen your sales communications and pull through your hotel and brand story.

  • Hotel Imagery
  • Virtual tours
  • Brochures
  • Web pages
  • Videos
  • Free stock images

Customer engagement and email tracking

Ensure every team member takes action the moment an email is opened with insightful email tracking and prompts to follow-up.

  • Funnel your most interested prospects
  • Make informed sales decisions
  • Save time and resources

Get started today


  • Boost your sales productivity
  • Send upto 200 personalised emails in one batch
  • Branded templates, custom content
  • Elevate your brand and hotel sales story
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Secure more leads


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Covid-19 Sales Resource Guide

 A guide to reactivate your hotel B2B & MICE revenues.

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